Zap Fact!

A crack as small as 1/16th of an inch around a window frame can let in as much cold air as leaving the window open 3 inches!

We've Got Goals.

Energy Goals is an easy online platform for energy-saving engagement campaigns. Employees compete for prizes and learn about saving energy. Organizations reduce their energy costs and increase employee engagement. We all get a cleaner environment. What are your goals?

I learned how easy it is to make small changes that can make a big difference.

Energy Goals Survey Respondent

I've noticed new ways we could save energy that I didn't think about before, and people are really turning off their lights.

Ralph Carpio, Harbor Police Energy Champion, Port of San Diego

My favorite part of Energy Goals was the friendly rivalries throughout different departments.

Energy Goals Survey Respondent

Energy Goals brought our departments together, we worked as a team and shared ideas about how we could save energy.

Dori Dial-Blok, Audid Department Energy Champion, Port of San Diego

The presence of the [Energy Goals] campaign was a breath of fresh air. People were definitely noticing if the lights were left on!

Dana Scalr, Real Estate & Development Services Energy Champion, Port of San Diego

Before Energy Goals, I'd say that lights were left on about 50% of the time, and after I think it dropped to about 10%.

Kellie Carlson, Senior Project Manager for the Port of San Diego's Energy Goals Campaign

I've noticed more people turning off their lights, even now that the [Energy Goals] campaign is no longer active.

Allan Tait, Waterfront Arts Energy Champion, Port of San Diego

Who's Got Goals?